There are two different ways that you can add PTO from the app. You will first want to start by selecting the three dashed menu followed by either PTO or Time Cards:

From Time Card Page

Once your on the time card page, you will want to select the "+" button followed by Add PTO:

From PTO List

From the PTO List you will want to select the "+" button and you'll be taken directly to the PTO entry page:

Adding PTO

Now that you're on the actual Add PTO page, you will need to select the Date of your PTO, the Earning Code, and enter how many hours you're requesting. You can add a note if needed which will be visible on your time card and to your Manager/Administrator.

If you need to add multiple days of PTO, you can use the +Add button to create additional lines.

If you're going on vacation for a week or need several days off in a row, click the Switch to date ranges button. Doing so will allow you to enter a start and end date for your PTO. Click Switch to individual dates if you need to switch back.

Where to view PTO once it's been added

Now that your PTO has been added, you can view it directly from your Time Card or from the PTO List. If your Administrator requires PTO to be approved first, you will see a yellow Pending Approval notification. When PTO is approved, you will see a green Approved button next to the PTO. 

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