For our QuickBooks Desktop integration, we offer the ability to map Customers & Jobs, Service Items or Classes.

  1. First visit Settings --> Integrations and click on the "Integrate with QuickBooks Desktop" button.

  2. Once on the integration page, select "Map Customers & Jobs, Service Items, and Classes."

Please Note: In order to see mapping options, you will need to run the QuickBooks Desktop sync to pull in new mapping options. If you're not sure how to run the sync, please read over this article:

3. Once you've pulled in your mapping items, you'll then be able to assign your Buddy Punch Locations and Department Codes to either Customers & Jobs, Service Items or Classes. 

If you'd like to automatically create and assign Locations/Departments when new mapping items are pulled in, simply check the box next to mapping item you chose which states "Automatically create and assigned (Locations/Department Codes) when new (Service Items/Classes/Customers & Jobs) are imported." Please keep in mind that we don't know who the Locations/Department Codes should be assigned to so we will assign all employees. You may need to edit your Location/Department Code assignments. 

4. Now that you've decided how your Locations/Department Codes will be mapped, you will need to associate your Buddy Punch Location/Department Codes with those brought in from QuickBooks. Simply select the dropdown box and make your selection:

5. Click Save once done.

You may have noticed when importing your Service Items, Customers & Jobs, or Classes that you received a notification stating that you had items that were not mapped to a Buddy Punch Department Code. 

You can select the "Create Department Code (Or Location) Codes button to create the codes in Buddy Punch. You'll then be able to map them to your QuickBooks items. 

If you'd like to view which items are unmapped, simply select the "View Unmapped" button and you'll get an expanded list of Locations/Codes that are not currently mapped.

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