Overview: When an employee is assigned more than one Location, Department, or Position they can switch between these codes with a few clicks of a button. Employees can switch between codes as often as needed.

Common Use Cases: Switching allows users to switch between codes to track time under those specific codes. For example, an employee could start the day by working on Project XYZ and then Switch to Client ABC halfway through the day.


Switching Codes Website

Switching Codes In App

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Switching Codes Website

1. Start by logging into your Buddy Punch account. On the Time Entry page, you'll see the Switch button as shown below:

2. You will then be provided with a dropdown box where you can make your new code selection. When you're ready to switch click the Switch Now button. If you want to cancel the switch, click Cancel Switch:

3. Once the switch has been completed, you'll see the new code you're working on:


Switching Codes In App

1. Start by logging in to the Buddy Punch mobile app. On the first page you're presented with, click the Switch button. (Left image)

2. Choose your new codes from the dropdown list and then click Switch Now to continue or Cancel to cancel the switching process. (Right image)

3. You'll then be asked to confirm the Switch. Click Yes to confirm or No to cancel. (Left image)

4. Once the switch is completed you'll be taken back to the punch page and will receive a confirmation message stating, "You have been switched." (Right image)



Q: Can I switch more than once throughout the day?

A: Yes, as long as there are no punching limitations enabled, an employee can switch between codes as often as needed.

Punching In/Out As An Employee (Web)
Punching In/Out As An Employee (App)

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