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View Work Hours As An Employee (Web/App)
View Work Hours As An Employee (Web/App)

Step-by-step instructions on how to view your work hours as an employee from our website or mobile app.

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Overview: As an employee, you can view your work hours for the day, week, and even pay period from our website as well as our smartphone app.


Additional Resources:

View Work Hours (Website)

1. You can view the hours worked for the pay period directly from the dashboard:

2. Click on the little pop-up box icon to the total time and you'll be presented with a box that shows you the total hours worked in both hours/minutes and decimal format:

Important: The total time shown on the dashboard excludes current shift time. That will be applied to the time card once the employee has punched out.

View Work Hours (Mobile App)

1. To view work hours from the mobile app, start by logging in and choosing Time Cards in the bottom navigation. (Left image)

2. Once on the time card page, you'll find at the top your total hours worked and any time off hours taken. Below that you'll find daily work hours, what type of time it is (regular, OT, etc), and if any codes are assigned to the punch. (Middle image)

3. If you need to view hours for past pay periods, simply choose the Pay Period dropdown at the top of the page and make your selection. (Right image)



Q: Can I edit or delete punches?

A: Employees are not able to delete punch information, however, they can make edits to punches if edits are enabled.

Q: My work hours don't look correct, what should I do?

A: If your work hours don't look correct, it's best to first reach out to your account administrator or manager.

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