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Automatic Punch Out Feature - Hours Worked
Automatic Punch Out Feature - Hours Worked

Step-by-step instructions on how to set up an automatic punch out based on the number of hours worked.

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Overview: The automatic punch out feature can be set to trigger after an employee has worked a certain amount of hours or after the end of their scheduled shift.


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Automatic Punch Out - Hours Worked

1. Start by clicking Settings --> Account Settings:

2. On the Account Settings page, check the box next to Automatically punch an employee out if they are punched in more than X Hours X Minutes and then enter how many hours an employee needs to be punched in before they're automatically punched out:

3. Click Save once done.

Important: When an employee is automatically punched out using this option, it will trigger a pending approval that either their Manager or an Administrator will need to take action on.

Taking Action on Automatic Punch Outs



Q: Is this a global option or can it be set up on a per-employee basis?

A: Both automatic punch out options are global and cannot be set up on a per-employee basis.

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