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Single Sign On (SSO)
Single Sign On (SSO)

We have several different single sign on options available.

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Overview: SSO, also known as single sign-on, allows you and your employees to log in to applications such as Buddy Punch with only a single authentication. This means that both you and your employees will not continually have to repeat the login process every time you want to access Buddy Punch. Save yourself and your employees time by taking advantage of one of our single sign-on options:

Okta Single Sign-On

Okta offers company directory integration, identity and access management, and application management along with security authentication methods such as SAML. Okta has some setup instructions for Buddy Punch located here, but we’d ask that you first reach out to us to start using Okta.

OneLogin Single Sign-On

OneLogin allows businesses of all sizes to connect their directory and applications to a centralized platform. OneLogin offers SAML-based authentication, Active Directory Integration, as well as user provisioning. Please reach out to us if you’re a OneLogin user and we can get you set up.

Saml 2.0 Single Sign-On

Please reach out to us if you’re using a different Saml 2.0 integration.

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