Overview: With Buddy Punch, you can track both paid and unpaid breaks. Unpaid breaks can be tracked using our automatic break rule while paid breaks can be tracked using location or department codes.


Tracking Paid Breaks

Tracking Unpaid Breaks

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Tracking Paid Breaks

1. Start by going to Settings and then choose either Locations or Department Codes. In this example, we'll be using Department Codes:

2. Once on the Department Code page, you'll want to select the +Add a New Department Code button:

3. You'll then want to give your Department Code a name - we recommend Break or Paid Break. You'll also want to assign the code to the appropriate employees. Click Save once done.

When an employee punches in or switches codes, they'll now see the Paid Break code in the dropdown menu:

As a Manager or Administrator, you will see the Paid Break code associated with punches on the dashboard as well as on the employee's time card. You can also run reports specifically on the Paid Break code if needed:


Tracking Unpaid Breaks

There are two ways to track unpaid breaks. The first option is to simply have an employee punch out when it's time for their unpaid break and back in once done. You can also track unpaid breaks with our automatic break rule feature. Below are setup instructions for this option.

1. Start by going to Settings --> Automatic Break Rules:

2. Once on the Automatic Break Rule page, select +Add a New Automatic Break Rule:

3. You'll need to specify the name of your automatic break rule, how many hours into a shift the rule should trigger, and the break time in minutes. Select which employees the rule should be assigned to and Save once done.

Once an employee meets the threshold set, the break will automatically be added to their time card:

A few important things to note:

  • Employees can only be assigned to one automatic break rule at a time.

  • An employee must work consecutive hours for the automatic break rule to transfer. If they're switching between codes or punching out for unpaid breaks/lunch they might not meet the trigger threshold set.




Q: When employees are punched out for unpaid breaks, are you able to track their time?

A: No, when employees are punched out we don't track their time. You can reference the employee's last punch out time and punch in time after the break to determine when they were on their break.

Can employees switch Departments/Locations without punching out?

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