How to Setup Overtime

Step by step instructions on how to specify your overtime type and first day of the workweek.

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Overview: The overtime type and first day of the workweek determines how overtime will be calculated for an employee.


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Account Overtime Type

1. To specify your overtime and the first day of the workweek, start by going to Settings --> Overtime:

2. Choose the options that best meet your business needs and Save once done:

Please know: Any time you add a new employee, they will by default take on the account overtime type set.

Individual Overtime

If employees have varying overtime types, you can specify the overtime type they should be using from within their profile.

1. Start by clicking Employees in the top navigation:

2. Click View next to the name of the employee whose overtime type you want to update:

3. Once in their profile, click Change next to the current overtime type:

4. You can then choose from the list of overtime types available. Click Save once done:



Q: I updated the overtime type, but time card hours aren't changing.

A: Whenever overtime types are changed, overtime needs to be recalculated. You can do this by visiting an employee's time card, selecting Edit next to a punch, and immediately Save. No changes need to be made to the punch. You can also reach out to the Buddy Punch team for assistance with recalculating.

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