Overview: When using time card approvals, Administrators and Managers with Approval permissions can review employee time cards at the end of the pay period. If correct, they can Approve the time card and move onto payroll processing. If incorrect, they can Reject the time card back to the employee to make changes.


Approving/Rejecting a Time Card (Single Employee Web)

Approving a Time Card (Multiple Employees Web)

Rejecting an Approved Time Card (Web)

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Approving/Rejecting a Time Card (Single Employee)

1. You'll want to start by clicking the Time Cards tab on your dashboard under the Pending Approval section. Then click View next to the pay period you have time card approvals for:

2. If you don't want to review all hours in detail, you can approve the time card immediately by clicking the Approve button:

3. If you want to view a time card in more detail, you'll want to click View next to an employee's name:

4. Once you've had some time to review the time card and are ready to approve or reject, you'll want to click the Approve/Reject button at the top of the time card:

4. If you need to send the time card back to the employee to make changes or make changes yourself as an Admin or Manager, simply click the Reject button. If you're ready to approve the time card, click Approve.

5. Whether you Reject or Approve the time card, the action taken will be visible in the Approval History, which can be found at the bottom of an employee's time card:


Approving a Time Card (Multiple Employees)

1. To bulk approve time cards, start by clicking the Time Card tab under the Pending Approval section on your dashboard. Then click View next to the pay period with pending approvals:

2. Once on the time cards pending approval page, check the boxes next to each employee whose time card you'd like to approve. Click Approve Selected once done:

3. You'll then receive a notification that employee time cards were approved.


Rejecting an Approved Time Card

1. To reject an approved time card, start by clicking Timecards in the top navigation followed by View All:

2. Once on the time card page, choose your pay period and then select View next to the employee whose time card you want to reject. You can see the status of each time card on this page. In this example, we'll be rejecting the Approved time card:

3. Once on the employee's time card, select the red Reject button:

4. You'll be able to briefly review the employee's hours and enter a note. Select the Reject button once more to complete the process:

5. If your employee has the Time Card Approval Status Change email notification enabled, they will receive an email informing them their time card was rejected and will be able to view the note that was entered:

6. The rejection note entered will also be visible at the bottom of the time card under the Approval History:




Q: What happens if an employee submits a time card early?

A: If an employee submits a time card too early, they won't be able to punch in or out. The time card will need to be rejected back to the employee so they can continue tracking time.

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