Overview: If your employer has time card approvals enabled, you'll be asked to submit your time card at the end of each pay period. Time cards can be submitted through our website and mobile app.

Important: Once a time card is submitted for approval or approved, it becomes locked and no new time can be added. Unless instructed to submit your time card early, wait to submit it until the end/close of the pay period.


Submitting A Time Card (Website)

Submitting A Time Card (App)

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Submitting A Time Card (Website)

1. To submit a time card from the most recent pay period, choose the Review and Submit button on the dashboard:

1a. To submit a past time card, either choose Past Time Cards or Timecards --> View All from the dashboard:

1c. Once on the Pay Period page, select the appropriate pay period from the dropdown and then click View next to the pay period in question:

2. Now that you're viewing your time card, review your work hours and click Submit for Approval when ready:

3. You'll be taken to a page that gives you an overview of your hours. You can add a note and agree to any required text. Click Submit for Approval to complete the process:

4. You'll be taken back to the dashboard and will receive a confirmation message that your time card has been submitted for approval:


Submitting A Time Card (App)

1. To submit a time card from the app you'll want to start by clicking the Time Card Awaiting Submission button on the main page. (Left image)

2. You'll then want to review your hours, agree to any required text, enter a note if needed, and click Submit for Approval once done. (Middle image)

3. You'll then receive a confirmation message that your time card is submitted and pending approval. (Right image)

4. Once your employer has approved your time card, the status will be changed to Approved on the time card page.



Q: I submitted my time card, but now I can't punch in/out. What should I do?

A: If you submitted your time card early and it's locked, you'll need to contact your manager or account administrator so they can reject it.

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