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Step-by-step instructions on how to cancel your Buddy Punch account.

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Overview: If you'd like to cancel your Buddy Punch services, you can do so from the Billing page. Please keep in mind that we don't offer refunds on partial usage per our refund policy.

Important: Once you cancel you won't have access to any of your old information, so we recommend downloading any important information first. The Employee Detail Report is a great reporting option to use - this is a PDF version of the time card so it provides all important punch information and can be run over a custom timeframe.

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Cancel Your Buddy Punch Account

1. To cancel your Buddy Punch account, start by clicking Settings in the top navigation followed by Billing:

2. Once on the Billing page, click the Cancel Account button:

3. You'll be presented with a message that states the following:

"Once your account is canceled, all your information will be immediately and permanently deleted. If you have a paying account you won't be charged again but you are responsible for any charges already incurred. I understand this is irreversible."

To complete the cancellation process, choose the Cancel Account button. If you don't want to process the cancellation, choose Go back to Billing:


Q: If I cancel my account, can I continue to access it?

A: No, once an account is canceled it's deleted and is no longer accessible. We recommend downloading all important information prior to cancelation.

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