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How to Manage Trades & Covers—Manager (App)
How to Manage Trades & Covers—Manager (App)

Step-by-step instructions on how to initiate or reviewing trades and covers as a Manager.

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Overview: Managers with Edit & Publish permissions, you can initiate, approve, reject, or withdraw employee trades and covers from the Buddy Punch app. You can also request trades/covers for your shifts and accept requests from other employees.


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Initiate a Trade/Cover

1. To initiate a Trade or Cover, start by clicking Schedule in the bottom navigation. (Left image)

2. Once on the Schedule page, click the shift you want to initiate a trade or cover for. (Middle image)

3. You'll want to click the Can't work button at the bottom of the Edit Shift page. (Right image)

4. Select whether you want to initiate a Trade Request or a Cover Request. (Left image)

5. On the next page, you'll need to enter a reason for the trade or request and which employees you'd like to receive your request. Once done, confirm the request by clicking the Send Request button. (Middle image)

6. You'll receive a confirmation message about the trade or cover request being sent. (Right image)

If no approvals are required, the request will be sent to the receiving employee for acceptance.

Review a Trade/Cover Request

1. If approvals are enabled, you'll be required to Approve any accepted trade/cover requests, or you can also accept on behalf of an employee. Start by clicking the Shifts Pending Approval notification. (Left image)

2. On the Shift Requests page, click the arrow to the right of the pending trade or cover request. (Middle image)

3. You will then have the option to Approve, Reject, or Withdraw the trade or cover. (Right image)


Q: I'm a Manager, but I'm not receiving any requests for trades or covers.

A: If you're not receiving any trade or cover requests and expect to be, you might not have the correct scheduling permissions. You will need Edit & Publish scheduling permissions, which your account administrator will need to enable. Please contact them for assistance with this matter.

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