Overview: If you're using the kiosk mode and want to lock employees to using only the Buddy Punch app, this can be achieved by the Android or iOS device.


Lock An iOS Device

Lock An Android Device

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Lock An iOS Device

1. To lock an iOS device to use only the Buddy Punch app, this can be done using "Guided Access." Start by clicking Settings:

2. From the Settings page, click Accessibility followed by Guided Access:

3. You'll then want to enable the Guided Access feature and setting a passcode by choosing Passcode Settings:

4. The passcode will be used to lock or unlock guided access:

5. If you want to ensure that the screen does not automatically lock or go to sleep, choose Display Auto Lock on the Guided Access screen and choose Never:

6. As a final step, you'll want to launch the Buddy Punch app and activate Guided Access. If you have a home button, click it three times. If you don't have a home button, click the sleep button three times.

Once done, you'll receive a confirmation message that guided access is activated. Repeat the same process and enter your PIN to disable guided access.

Lock An Android Device

Please note, Android devices vary, and may have slightly different directions for the particular model and operating system you're using.

1. To lock an Android device to use only the Buddy Punch app, this can be done using "App Pinning." Start by clicking Settings followed by Biometrics and security:

2. Then choose Other security settings followed by Pin windows. Aside from enabling the Pin windows option, you'll also want to specify a PIN from the Pin windows page to lock and unlock the Buddy Punch app.

3. Open the Buddy Punch app and then click the Overview option on your mobile device. You'll be shown the apps that are running - click the Buddy Punch icon at the top of the app.

You'll then be presented with a dropdown where you'll want to choose the "Pin this app" option. The Buddy Punch app will open and you'll receive a confirmation message that the app has been pinned/locked:


Q: Do I need to re-enable guided access or app pinning each day?

A: No, the guided access and app pinning options will remain enabled so will not need to be reactivated each day.

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