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Using Buddy Punch as a Terminal or Kiosk
Using Buddy Punch as a Terminal or Kiosk

We recommend using our QR Code feature.

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If you would like to use a desktop, laptop, tablet, or smartphone as a single device that many employees will use to punch in and out, Buddy Punch can support that. For example, some customers will purchase one or many iPads to use as punch devices.

To use Buddy Punch as a terminal or kiosk you'll want to decide how you'd like your employees to punch in and out. They can either use their username and password, or they can use a QR Code.

Your employees can then log in with either method by using the web application located at: or they can use one of our smartphone apps.

When using a QR Code from the web application the employee will scan the code and then have their picture taken. The process takes about 8 seconds and the employee does not need to do anything else, the next employee can then scan their code.

When using the smartphone apps the QR Code will log the employee into their Buddy Punch account. The employee will then have to use the app to take their picture, punch in or punch out. If you would like your employees to use the web application from an iPad or iPhone and use QR Code and not use the smartphone apps, we have some additional information here.

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