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QR Code Feature Setup & Usage
QR Code Feature Setup & Usage

Step-by-step instructions on how to set up and use the QR Code feature.

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Overview: The QR Code feature allows an employee to scan a QR Code to punch in or out. The feature can be set up to capture a picture on punch if needed. There is also a login option available.

Common Use Cases: The QR Code feature is an excellent option if you have employees punching time from a shared device or if several employees punch in/out at the same time. The punching process is quick - typically 10 seconds or less - and doesn't require an employee to access their account fully.


Set Up QR Code Feature

1. To enable the QR Code feature, you'll want to start by clicking Settings followed by QR Code Settings:

2. Once on the QR Code Settings page, check the box next to Enable QR Code Login and Save once done. Some new options will populate to specify what happens when an employee scans a QR Code from our website or mobile app. These options include:

  • Login: When an employee scans their QR Code, they'll be logged into their Buddy Punch account. They can view their time card, time off details, and punch in/out as well.

  • Punch without picture: When employees scan their QR Code, they'll be punched in or out. No picture is taken.

  • Punch with picture taken: When an employee scans their QR Code, they'll be required to take a picture before completing the punch process.

On this page, you will also find a link to bookmark to use the QR Code feature from our website:

Save/Print QR Codes

1. Now that you have the QR Code feature enabled, you'll want to save and print or send employees their QR Codes. Click the View and Print Employee QR Codes link to view all employee QR Codes:

2. Right-click a QR Code to save the image. Once QR Codes are saved, they can be printed immediately, sent to an employee who can scan the code from their personal device, or formatted to be used on ID cards. More information about print formatting can be found here.

3. QR Codes can also be viewed directly from the employee's profile page by clicking View QR Code:

Use QR Codes (Web)

1. To use the QR Code from the website, you'll want to visit and click on the QR Code option. Here is also a direct link to the QR Code scan page:

2. Once on the QR Code scanning page, an employee will need to hold their QR Code up to the camera, and it will automatically be scanned. What happens next will depend on your QR Code setup:

3. Here's an example of what an employee will see with scheduling and location codes enabled:

4. Once the punch process has been completed, the employee will receive a confirmation message, and then they'll be taken back to the QR Code scanning page where another employee can go through the same process:

Use QR Codes (App)

1. To use the QR Code feature from the app, start by opening either our Android or iOS mobile app and selecting the QR Code option. (Left image)

2. An employee will be prompted to scan their QR Code. (Middle image)

3. If no codes are assigned, they'll be immediately punched in or out. (Right image)

4. If scheduling is enabled, an employee will be required to select that information before punching in. (Left image)

5. If pictures are enabled along with scheduling, they'll have to select shift information and take a picture. (Middle image)

6. They'll then be asked to confirm the punch, which they can do by selecting Yes. (Right image)


Q: Can a QR Code be created for a location or department?

A: No, QR Codes are specific to employees, so they can not be created for locations or departments.

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