Buddy Punch can be used as a contactless kiosk time clock for a safe way your employees can punch in and out. Set up is just a few short steps. To do so you'll need the following items:

* A computer with a webcam

* A Buddy Punch account with the QR code feature turned on

Don't have an account with us yet? Head to buddypunch.com to sign up for a free trial.

First, you'll want to go to the computer that you'll use as the contactless kiosk. Then open up your web browser and go to app.buddypunch.com. Click on the QR Code option. You might get a notification in the browser asking for permission to use the webcam. Click on Yes or Allow. You are all set, you can now leave the computer on and it will function as a contactless kiosk.

Your employees will hold up their QR Code to the camera. It will automatically be scanned and then punch them in and out. Buddy Punch will return to the QR code scanner for the next employee. We also have the option to capture your employee's picture each time they use their QR code to punch.

For any setup questions, please ask, you can find us on live chat or by emailing us at support@buddypunch.com. Thanks for watching!

Need setup help? Check out this detailed help article: https://docs.buddypunch.com/en/articles/4649203-qr-code-feature-setup-usage

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