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Set Up Your PC's Camera for QR Code Usage
Set Up Your PC's Camera for QR Code Usage

Scan your QR Code with your webcam or smartphone. (IE is not supported)

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*** Please note that to use the QRC function you must use Firefox, Chrome, or Opera as your browser. IE (Internet Explorer) is not supported. The QRC scanning uses a technology that IE does not support. ***

The QR Code option will allow your employees to punch in and out by just scanning their individual QR Code. The QR Code option will take the employee's picture when they are punching in - so you can verify they are actually at work and doing the punching. After your employee scans their code they will be brought to a dashboard that will tell them their punch status and take their picture. For their picture to be taken the employee has to be punching in from a device that allows the use of HTML5 Video (Android Devices, Windows Products and Apple Desktops/Laptops - iPads/iPhones are not supported). The QR Code punching feature will default to use Flash if your browser does not support HTML5 video.

If you are using an HTML5 enabled browser such as Chrome, Firefox, or Chrome - no setup is required. Buddy Punch will recognize the camera when you visit the QRC Login page.

What if your browser isn't scanning? Make sure your browser isn't blocking the camera:

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