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Buddy Punch is required to collect and remit sales tax on your Buddy Punch product subscription in certain states

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Overview: Buddy Punch is an LLC based in Wisconsin, USA. We do not have a nexus or sufficient physical presence in most states, with the exception of Ohio and Utah. Buddy Punch is required to collect and remit sales tax on a Buddy Punch subscription in Ohio and Utah.

What determines the tax rate?

Sales tax on SaaS, software as a service, like Buddy Punch, varies by jurisdiction. If a jurisdiction considers any of our products taxable, we're required to collect and remit sales tax.

The company billing address stored in Buddy Punch is used to determine the tax rate, and the tax charged will appear on your monthly or annual invoice. Note: Invoices are emailed to the billing email on file and can also be found by going to Settings --> Billing and select View/Print Past Invoices.

Tax-Exempt Organizations

Some charitable, religious, scientific, or educational organizations may be exempt from sales tax.

If you're a Buddy Punch customer and would like to apply for sales tax exemption, please contact our support team at [email protected].

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