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New York—Company Registration

Instructions on how to register for income or unemployment tax in New York.

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Overview: If you're a new company or have an employee working out of New York and need to register for income or unemployment tax, that can be done through the New York Department of Labor website.

Type of Tax:

State Withholding Income Tax &
State Unemployment Insurance (SUI)

Tax Agency:

New York Department of Taxation and Finance

New York Department of Labor

Register for State Withholding & Unemployment

  1. Click Apply Online

  2. Select Register here under “I Need a NY.Gov ID”

  3. Select NO, when asked if you would like UI related mail to be sent to payroll provider

If you have any questions regarding this process, please contact NYS Business Information Center at 518-485-5000.

Local Withholding Income Tax

Tax Agency:

New York City Department of Finance

Register for Local Income Tax

  1. Click Create One

  2. Answer the questions

  3. Click Register taxpayer

  4. Enter name

  5. Create login credentials

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