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Minnesota—Company Registration

Instructions on how to register for income or unemployment tax in Minnesota.

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Overview: If you're a new company or have an employee working out of Minnesota and need to register for unemployment or withholding tax, that can be done through either the Minnesota Department of Revenue or the Minnesota Unemployment Insurance website.

Type of Tax:

Additional Resources:

State Withholding Income Tax

Tax Agency:

Minnesota Department of Revenue

Register Your Business

  1. Under Business Registration, select Get a Minnesota Tax ID Number

  2. Complete registration questions

  3. You should receive the employer account number instantly

Once received, please let the Buddy Punch team know and they can get that added for you.

If you have any questions regarding this process, please contact the Department of Revenue at 651-282-5225 or email [email protected]

Setup Username & password

How to Grant TPA Access—Department of Revenue

  • Sign in to your Minnesota Department of Revenue account

  • Select Manage my profile.

  • Select Set up access with another business.

  • Select Approve or Deny pending 3rd Party Access request to your account(s).

  • From the Access Allowed dropdown menu, select Yes.

  • Set the Access Type field to All Account Access or File, and click Next.

  • Review the information on the Request Summary page, and click Submit.

Let the Buddy Punch team know once this process has been completed.

State Unemployment Insurance (UI)

Tax Agency:

Minnesota Unemployment Insurance

Register Your Business

  1. Under Employers and Agents, select employer under register for an account

  2. Click link “Employer Registration” and continue to complete application

  3. Save the temporary ID and temporary password provided during registration

  4. A permanent user ID and password will be mailed

  5. You will receive Employer Account Number and tax rate instantly

Once received, please let the Buddy Punch team know and they can get that added for you.

Log in to Employer Account

  • Under Employers and Agents, select employer under log in to my account

  • Log in using your temporary username and password and once permanent info is received, log in with permanent username and password

How to Grant TPA Access—Minnesota Unemployment Insurance

  • On My Home Page, click Account Maintenance.

  • Click Agent Authorization.

  • Click Search to determine if an agent has already been assigned to this account. If an agent is not found, click New to start the authorization process.

  • In the Assign agent page, enter Check Agent ID: AG021422

  • In the Agent Details page, you will see “Assigned Roles”, and “Available Roles”

  • Effective Begin Date” is today’s date and leave the “Effective End Date” blank

  • In the “Available Roles” table, click the checkbox:

  • Account Maintenance View Only

  • Tax Payment Update and Submit

  • Wage Detail Update and Submit (total of 3 checkboxes)

  • Then, click “Save”, at the bottom of the page.

  • Under the “Assigned Roles” table, click on the “Assign Employer Reporting Units” link for “Account Maintenance View Only”

  • “Select Employer Reporting Units” table and click the checkbox.

  • Then, click “Save”, and then “Previous”.

  • Complete this task for each role assigned (3 total).

  • NOTE: To ensure that the above process is completed, after hitting “Previous” for the last role, the “Reporting Unit Number” should display “All reporting units assigned” for each role (3 total).

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