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How to Set Up & View Real-Time GPS
How to Set Up & View Real-Time GPS
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Overview: The real-time GPS feature allows you to track an employee's location throughout their shift. An employee is required to use our mobile app and share their GPS for it to work correctly.


Setup Real-Time GPS

  1. Start by going to Settings β†’ GPS Settings.

  2. Once on the GPS Settings page, check the box next to Allow GPS Tracking During Shifts and Save. From there, you can set the GPS Tracking During Shifts to Off or On on a per-employee basis.
    ​Important: In order to set the feature to On for an employee, they need to be punched out:

View Real-Time GPS Details

You can view real-time GPS details in a few different ways. The first is from the dashboard by choosing the Map View or by choosing the Route link:

The real-time GPS map is also available in the app by choosing the three dashed menu in the top left-hand corner followed by Map. Click the navigation arrow to see all GPS activity on the selected date. Leave it unselected to see the most recent punch data:

GPS Activity Report

There is now also a GPS activity report that allows you to view on the web who was where and when. This can be found via the Reports β†’ GPS Activity page:

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