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Payroll Fee Schedule

Overview of fees associated with payroll incurred outside of normal subscription fees

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Overview: When using payroll services, there are additional fees that can occur outside of standard subscription fees. Below is a table that outlines and describes the different fees and when they are applied.




Funding of payroll via wire by employer


Fee accessed when an employer opts to wire funds after a failed payroll funding.

Fee for notification of change (employee or employer account)


Fee accessed when an admin or employee provides incorrect bank account information, and the bank is able to catch and correct it.

Fee for failed employee account validation or payment


Fee accessed anytime we get a return from the bank due to an invalid employee account. (i.e. The bank telling us they couldn't find the account).

Return fee for unsuccessful funds transfer from employer, inclusive of wire fees (per return)


Fee accessed for a failed payroll funding.

Untimely tax filing where delay is due to no fault of Buddy Punch (per filing)


Please contact [email protected] if additional information is required.

Tax returns filed for employers no longer using the service (per filing)


Fee accessed if payroll services are terminated before year-end yet require Buddy Punch to file year-end taxes.

Amended tax returns (includes federal and applicable state returns)


Fee accessed if state or federal tax return amendment required.

Attempted reversal of payment to employee (whether successful or not)


Fee accessed if payroll needs to be reversed or voided.

W-2/1099 (electronic copy)


No charge for electronic copies.

W-2/1099 (printed & mailed)*

$4.99 per user

*Terminated users are required to receive a mailed copy.

Next day pay fee

$3.00 per user, per payroll

Next day pay is only available in unique, extenuating cases. Please contact [email protected] for more information.

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