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What are the different Time Entry Options?
What are the different Time Entry Options?

Users can enter time a few different ways—administrators can specify which users have access to which options.

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Overview: Employees and managers can enter their work hours in a few different ways, which include entering their total work hours or hours with a start/end time.

Set Time Entry Options

1. Administrators can specify which users have access to which options from the Settings --> Time Entry Options page:

2. From there, they will have the ability to set the default time entry option for new employees and also specify settings for pre-existing workers:

The selectable options include:

  • Punches Only (Start and End Times): An employee can only track time by punching in and out in real-time, or if edits are enabled they can manually enter their punch in/out. This option is frequently used by hourly employees.

  • Time Entry Only (Duration): An employee can only enter their total amount of time spent working as opposed to punching in or out. For example, they enter 8 hours and 30 minutes on one project or 30 minutes on another. There are no start/end times associated with this option. It is frequently used by salaried employees.

  • Punches & Time Entry: An employee has the option of either punching in/out or entering the total number of hours worked.

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