Step 1:

Go to Settings --> Integrations, and click on the QuickBooks Online button.

You will see an icon to connect your QuickBooks Online account with Buddy Punch.  Click the icon to connect.

Once connected you will be presented with the following options:

Step 2:

You will now want to sync your employees.  Employees in Buddy Punch and in QuickBooks Online must have the same Employee ID number.  This is what matches the employees.  Once you click on the Sync button you'll be presented with a list of synced employees.  If any employees did not sync that you were expecting to, make sure to verify their Employee ID in both systems.

Step 3:

You can then use the 3rd option, which is to Export time to QuickBooks Online.  You will get a date selector to first search what time you would like transferred.  You can then click to transfer the time.

Note that time will only transfer once.  You cannot transfer the same time more than once.  

Step 4:

To validate what time was transferred you can click on the "View Export" button.

In the future if you need to transfer time from Buddy Punch to QuickBooks Online, revisit this same area and click on the 3rd option, to Export to QuickBooks Online.


  • Buddy Punch is only able to send the time activities to QuickBooks Online. Due to a limitation on the QuickBooks side, we cannot export the hours into Regular time and Overtime hours.

  • Employees have to be manually matched and do not import at this time, the employee ID is what matches the employee.

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