Overview: Administrators are in charge of the Buddy Punch account and settings. They can view all employee information, take action on pending requests, as well as add and delete employees. Administrators are free accounts and don't count against your user count. Because of this, they are also not able to track their own time. You can have as many Administrators as needed.


Adding an Administrator

Updating Administrator Information

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Adding an Administrator

1. Start by clicking Employees in the top navigation:

2. Once on the Employees page, click +Add a New Employee:

3. After the user has been added as an Employee, click Settings in the top navigation followed by Administrators:

4. On the Administrators page, choose the user's name from the dropdown list and then click Add:

The user has now been added as an Administrator.


Updating Administrator Information

1. Start by clicking Settings in the top navigation followed by Administrators:

2. Once on the Administrators page, click the Remove button next to the name of the Administrator whose information you need to edit:

3. Once they're removed as an Admin, they'll be moved to the Inactive Employee list. To view the user's profile click Employees in the top navigation followed by the Inactive tab. You'll then want to click View next to their name.

You'll then be taken to the users profile where you can update any necessary information and reactivate their account by clicking Edit in the top right-hand corner and check the box next to Active:

4. Once you're done updating the user's information, you'll need to re-add them to the Administrator list. You can do this by clicking Setting in the top navigation followed by Administrators. Once on the Administrator page, select the user's name from the dropdown list and click the Add button:




Q: How many Administrators can I have?

A: Administrators are free accounts, so you can have as many as you'd like!

Q: Why are Administrators deactivated when they're downgraded?

A: Administrators are deactivated when they're downgraded to ensure that you don't go over your plan limit.

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