Overview: If your employer sends you a message or if you receive an alert/notification, you can view the message in-app, on our website, or when using a mobile browser.


Viewing Messages - Website

Viewing Messages - Mobile App

Viewing Messages - Mobile Browser

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Viewing Messages - Website

1. To view your messages from our website, click the Message icon found in the top navigation:

2. Once on the Message Log page, you can filter by Employee (if you're a Manager), select the Type of message (Push or Email) and also view the message sent by clicking View Message:


Viewing Messages - Mobile App

1. To view messages in-app, start by clicking the three dashed menu located in the top left-hand corner. (Left image)

2. Then click My Notifications. (Right image)

3. Once on the My Notifications page, you can click the notification you'd like to view in more detail. (Left image)

4. The notification will include when the message was sent, from whom, the subject of the notification and the main body. (Right image)


Viewing Messages - Mobile Browser

1. Once logged into Buddy Punch, click the three dashed menu located in the top right-hand corner. (Left image)

2. Then click Message Log. (Middle image)

3. You can then click View Message next to any message that was received. (Right image)



Q: Can I send a message back to my employer?

A: No, currently the messaging feature only works one-way meaning only Administrators/Managers are able to send messages.

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