Overview: If you need to upgrade or downgrade, you can choose your new plan from the Billing page. Whenever you upgrade or downgrade, pricing will be prorated.

Important: If you are attempting to downgrade an annual plan, the "Select Plan" buttons will be "Contact Us" buttons instead. Users are not able to downgrade an annual plan per our terms and conditions. However, if you've accidentally upgraded to an annual plan and need assistance getting it changed back to a monthly plan, please contact us.

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Upgrade or Downgrade Your Plan

1. To upgrade or downgrade your plan, start by clicking Settings in the top navigation followed by Billing:

2. Once on the Billing page, click the Change Plan button:

3. You'll be able to select how many employees you need to track time, which plan you prefer, and whether you want to pay monthly or annually. After you've made your selections click Next:

4. If you're just coming off the trial, you'll need to add a new payment method. Otherwise, confirm your settings and choose Update Plan.

After the upgrade or downgrade has been processed, you'll receive a receipt via email.


Q: Why don't I have the option to downgrade on the annual plan?

A: Annual plans are not able to be downgraded - they can only be upgraded. If you accidentally upgraded to the annual plan, please reach out to the support team and they can assist.

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