If your Administrator allows edits, then you can edit your PTO from the Time Card or PTO List page. 

1. You will need to select the PTO you're looking to adjust (Left image below).

2. On the next page, it will show you details about the PTO. You will need to select the PTO once more (Middle image below).

3. Once on the Edit PTO page, you will be able to adjust the PTO Type, the PTO in Hours and add notes if needed (Right image below). Once done, select Save.

Please Note: If your Administrator does not allow edits you will see a notification at the top of your Time Card page which states "You can't edit the time card because your administrator doesn't allow it." You also will not be able to click on the PTO.

If you are trying to edit your PTO from the PTO List page and edits are disabled, you will receive an error notification message.

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