Overview: We don't have a grouping option in the traditional sense. However, by adding additional text to a group of employees' names, they can be quickly selected in any area within Buddy Punch where you're able to filter by employee.


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Creating Groups

1. Start by clicking Employees in the top navigation and the View next to employee you'd like to include in the group:

2. Once in the employee profile, click the Edit button located in the top right-hand corner:

3. You'll then want to add the name of the group to either the employee's first or last name:

4. Click Save once done.

You'll need to repeat the process for any other employees in the group.

How to Use Groups

Now that you've got your groups set up when filtering by employees simply enter the name of the group and all employees with that appended text will populate. Click the Select All option to quickly select all employees with the appended text:

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