If you'd like to add a pay rate for an employee, you can do this from within their profile.

1. You'll want to start by clicking Employees in the top navigation followed by "View" next to an employee's name.

2. In their profile select "Pay Rate" from the left hand menu.  
3. Once at the Pay Rates section, you will see an editable default pay rate. When calculating pay for paid time off, our system will use the pay rate found under the default, so we recommend updating this first to match your Time Off pay.

3. To create a new Pay Rate for an employee, select the +Add new button.
4. You will need to enter the employees Regular pay, Overtime Pay and Double Time pay rates. 

  • If you have an employee that gets paid different rates based on their Location, Department Code or Position you will need to create a pay rate for each combination of codes used.
  • If an employee gets paid the same rate for each Location, Department Code or Position then you can leave the default "All" selected. 
  • Lastly, you will need to select the "Effective from" date. This will be applied retroactively to previous shifts. If you change the effective date on a rate that will then go back and update all rates based on the new date.

Now when you visit the employee's time card their estimated pay will be calculated on a daily, weekly and per pay period basis.

Please Note: Pay rates are calculated on a daily basis and not per shift.

If you need any guidance on how to Edit a pay rate, please read over the following article: https://docs.buddypunch.com/en/articles/3463414-how-do-i-update-an-employee-s-pay-rate

The view the full article outside of the chat window, please click here.

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