If you'd like to view an employees Time Off Summary, this can be done by by visiting the Time Off page.

1. Click the three dashed menu located in the top left corner of the app. (Left Image)
2. Select the Time Off page from the menu list. (Right Image)

3. On the Time Off List page you'll want to select the Year followed by the "All employees" button. This allows you to select a specific employee (Left & Middle Image)
4. Once you've select an employee, their name will be visible at the top of the page and a new "View Time Off Summary" button will populate. Click it. (Right Image)

5. After you've clicked the View Time Off Summary option, you'll be taken to the Time Off Summary page where you can click any of the assigned time off earning codes to view further detail. (Left Image)
6. On the time off detail page, you will be able to see the Date the time off or accrual was added, how many hours were added or deducted, the employees future balance as well as their current balance.

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