We offer several different methods to login into a Buddy Punch account, including:

In this article, we'll be covering the username and password login method.

When you add a new employee to Buddy Punch, you will be required to create a username and password for the employee.

The requirements that need to be met when creating a username and password are as follows:

Username: Can include letters, numbers, special characters, and spaces. A minimum of one character is required and there is a limit of 100 characters. Can be an email.

Password:  Can include letters, numbers, special characters and spaces. Must include at least one letter. A minimum of 6 characters is required and there is no character limit.

Please Note: Usernames are shared across Buddy Punch. If you receive an error that the username is already in use, you will need to use something else.

Once you've added an employee to Buddy Punch, they will be sent a Welcome Email which will contain the username and password that you created for the employee.

Employees will use their username and password to access their Buddy Punch accounts through our website here: https://app.buddypunch.com/

If your employees will be accessing their accounts via the Buddy Punch app, they will also use their username and password to log in:

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