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Group Punch: How to punch in/out a group of users (Administrator)
Group Punch: How to punch in/out a group of users (Administrator)

Here we'll explain how to punch in and out a group of users using the group punch option.

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The group punch feature allows you to punch a group of employees in or out at one time. The feature can be used with or without scheduling by an Administrator and Manager with approval permissions.

1. From your dashboard, click the Punch employees Out or Punch employees In button:

1a. You can also find the group punch option on the Timecards page:

2. You'll then be prompted to confirm whether you want to Punch In or Punch Out employees:

3. Next, you will need to select which employees you'd like to punch in. You can choose individual employees or click the "Select All" button to choose all employees. If you'd like to filter by employee, location, department or position click the +Add Filters button and make your selection. 

4. On the next page, you will be able to decide if you want to punch employees now, or select an earlier or later time and date. If using scheduling, you will need to ensure the correct shift is selected. If a shift is assigned a location, department or position those codes will be locked and grayed out. For quick assignment, use the dropdown at the top of each column to apply the selected location, department or position.

5. If scheduling is not enabled and all employees are assigned to a location or department code, you can quickly punch them into the assigned location or department by selecting them from the dropdown as shown below. Otherwise, you can click the "Select Individual Locations" option instead.

6. If you decide to select locations individually, you'll be taken to a page where you can assign the appropriate locations or department codes. Use the dropdown at the top of each column for quick assignment.

7. Once you've selected punch details for each employee, click the Save & Add Punches button. You will be presented with a confirmation once the punch process has been completed.

8. Punching out is a simple. Select the +Group Punch button followed by Punch Out. You can select which employees you'd like to punch out individually or for quick select use the "Select All" option. Just as with punch in's you can filter employees, department codes and locations by clicking the +Add filters option and make your selection.

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