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How to Use Time Card Approvals—Required Agreement Option
How to Use Time Card Approvals—Required Agreement Option

You can now require an employee to agree to specific text prior to submitting their time card.

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Overview: The time card approvals - required agreement option allows you to require an employee to agree to specific text, such as a question or statement, before submitting their time card for approval.

Example Required Agreement: I declare under penalty of perjury that I have accurately recorded all of the hours I worked (including hours outside of my normally scheduled workweek and overtime), I have received all of the meal periods and rest periods, to which I was entitled based on the number of hours I worked, and I have had the opportunity to make any necessary corrections to this time record before I signed it.


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Enable Required Agreement

1. Start by going to Settings --> Time Card Approval Settings:

2. If you haven't yet enabled Time Card Approvals, check the box next to Enable Time Card Approvals and click Save. Then check the box next to Require that the following text is agreed to when submitting the time card and enter the text you'd like the employee to agree to. Save once done:

View the Submitted Time Card Agreement

When reviewing a submitted time card, you can view the Agreed To information by scrolling down to the bottom of the time card. There you'll find the Approval History of the time card and the Agreed To text.

Example of Feature In Use (Employee Perspective)

Now that you have the agreed-to-text option enabled, when an employee submits their time card, they will see a checkbox along with the text you entered. An employee is required to agree to the text in order to submit their time card for approval.


Q: Can an employee recall their time card?

A: Yes, employees are able to reset their time card to draft if they submitted too early or if they need to make changes. They will not be able to reset to draft if the time card has already been approved.

Q: My employee submitted their time card, and now they can't punch time. How do I fix this?
A: Once a time card is submitted for approval, it becomes locked so that no new time can be added. In order to allow an employee to continue punching time, the time card will need to be rejected or reset to draft.

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