If you'd like for an employee to agree to specific text, such as a question or statement, before submitting their time card for approval, you can do this under time card approval settings.

1. First you'll want to go to Settings --> Time Card Approvals Settings:

2. Next you will want to check the box next to "Require that the following text is agreed to when submitting the time card" as shown below and enter your questions or statement. Please know, even if multiple lines of questions are answered only one checkbox will be available during the time card approval submission.

3. Now that you have the required agreement text entered, when an employee goes to submit their time card, they will see a checkbox with the text you entered. An employee is required to agree to the text in order to submit their time card for approval.

4. Once the employee agrees to the text and submits their time card, a confirmation of the "Agreed To" text will be shown in the approval history of the employees time card.

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