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Wagepoint Integration Overview
Wagepoint Integration Overview

Step-by-step instructions on how to integrate with Wagepoint

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Overview: Our Wagepoint integration is done through an export/import process. This means when it's time to process payroll, you'll export a Wagepoint-specific file and then upload it into their system.


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Set Up Wagepoint Integration

1. To set up the Wagepoint integration, start by clicking Settings --> Integrations:

2. On the Integrations page, click the Wagepoint Settings button:

3. Check the box next to Enable Integration with Wagepoint and Save once done:

4. You'll then need to add Employee ID's. This can be done from within the employee profile. Start by clicking Employees in the top navigation:

5. On the Employees page, click View next to the name of an employee to access their profile:

6. Once in the profile, click Edit in the top right-hand corner:

7. From there you can specify the Employee ID. This process will need to be completed for each employee you want to include on the Wagepoint report:

Export Wagepoint Report

1. To export the Wagepoint report, start by clicking Reports in the top navigation followed by Payroll Export:

2. Once on the Payroll Export page, select your pay period, any optional filters, and then click Run Report to populate data. You'll then want to choose Export --> Wagepoint Format:

The report will immediately begin to download. You can then upload the report into the Wagepoint system for payroll processing.


Q: Where do I specify the employee ID in Buddy Punch?

A: Employee ID's, which allow us to determine where to send time in Wagepoint, can be entered directly from within the employee's profile.

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