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How to Find/Enter an Employee ID
How to Find/Enter an Employee ID

Step-by-step instructions on find or enter Employee ID

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Overview: Employee IDs can be entered by Administrators for Employees and Managers from within each employee profile. For many of our popular integrations, such as QuickBooks Online, Payment Evolution, Paychex Flex, iSolved, Rippling, Deluxe, and Wagepoint, you must match Employee IDs between systems.

Common Use Cases: Employee IDs can serve unique and crucial functions within an organization, contributing to security and efficient team and process management. Common uses include systems integration, operational streamlining, security compliance, and overall organizational efficiency.


Steps to Find or Enter an Employee ID

  1. To find/enter an Employee ID we'll first want to click the Employees tab, then click the blue View button next to the employees in question:

  2. From the employee profile page, we'll click on the Edit button in the top right:

  3. Next, we'll want to click into the box below Employee ID and enter in the desired ID then click Save once done:

  4. Returning to the employee profile page, we can then see the Employee ID:​


Q: Can I bulk import Employee IDs?

A: Yes, for employees not yet entered into the system we're happy to help you bulk upload. Start by downloading the Employee List template here: My Employee List Once you've filled out the Employee List, you can send it to Buddy Punch Support by email at [email protected] or by using the live chat option.

Q: Are Employee IDs required?

A: No, unless integrating with QuickBooks Online, Payment Evolution, Paychex Flex, iSolved, Rippling, Deluxe, and/or Wagepoint, employee IDs are not required. Only first & last name, an email, username, and password are needed, at minimum, to set up an employee profile in the Buddy Punch system.

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