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Deluxe Payroll Integration
Deluxe Payroll Integration

Step-by-step instructions on how to integrate with Deluxe.

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Overview: The integration with Deluxe is done through an export/import process. When it comes time to run payroll, you simply export a Deluxe-specific report and upload it into their system for payroll processing.


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Set Up Deluxe Payroll

You’ll want to start off by obtaining your Deluxe employee IDs.

If you’re not sure where to find these codes, reach out to a Deluxe representative or your payroll provider to assist you.

1. Once you've obtained your Deluxe Employee IDs, you'll want to enable the Deluxe integration in Buddy Punch. Start by going to Settings --> Integrations:

2. On the integrations page, click the Deluxe Payroll Settings button:

3. Here you'll want to check the box next to "Enable integration with Deluxe Payroll," and enter your Payroll Codes. Save once done.

Standard Pay Codes Include:

12 = Regular Hours

18 = Personal Day Hours

13 = Overtime Hours

19 = ‘Other’ Leave Pay Type

14 = Reported Tips (Hospitality Only)

20 = Sales (Hospitality Only)

15 = Vacation Hours

21 = Charge Tips (Hospitality Only)

16 = Holiday Hours 25 = Jury Duty

17 = Sick Hours

26 = Bereavement

Other Earnings, Leave Pay, and Deductions: There may also be a series of 2-4 digit pay codes that can be customized for each client to import. Please contact your Deluxe Implementation Specialist for details. These are typically the number in the Deluxe People Platform plus an offset code.

4. As a final step, you’ll want to take your Employee ID numbers obtained from your Deluxe system and add them to each employee profile within Buddy Punch. The Employee ID entered into Buddy Punch needs to match what is found in Deluxe to ensure all information is associated with the correct employee:

Export Time from Buddy Punch

1. To export time from Buddy Punch, start by going to Reports in the top navigation, followed by Payroll Export:

2. You'll then want to select which pay period and employees you want to run the report on. Click Run Report to populate the selected data. You'll then want to export the report by clicking Export followed by Deluxe Payroll Format:


Q: Time is being applied to the wrong employees in Deluxe. What am I doing wrong?

A: If time is being applied to the wrong employee in Deluxe, then there's likely an issue with their Employee ID not matching in both systems. Please confirm that the Employee ID in Buddy Punch and Deluxe match prior to exporting.

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