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How to Create a Custom Overtime Rule
How to Create a Custom Overtime Rule

Step by step instructions on how to create a custom overtime rule.

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Overview: A basic custom overtime rule can be created and applied per employee. An employee can only be assigned to one custom overtime rule.

Common Use Cases: You can create a custom overtime rule if your required overtime rule is not available in our list.


Create Overtime Rule

1. To create a custom overtime rule, start by going to Settings --> Overtime:

2. Once on the Overtime Settings page, click the +Add a New Custom Overtime Rule button:

3. You can set up a weekly and daily overtime threshold. If an employee should not earn overtime or double time on a specific day, either leave that day unchecked or the values empty. For days when overtime or double time should be applied all day, enter a 0:

4. Assign it to the appropriate employees and Save once done.

Delete Overtime Rule

1. To delete an overtime rule go to Settings --> Overtime and choose Edit next to your existing rule:

2. Unassign all employees by unchecking the box next to All and Save once done:

3. You'll then be taken back to the Custom Overtime Rules page where you can then select the Delete button:


Q: My rule is more complex than what I can create. What should I do?

A: Please reach out to our support team with your exact overtime rule specifications.
โ€‹Please be sure to include any daily, weekly, weekly, or other special overtime requirements.

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