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How to Integrate with Rippling

Step-by-step instructions covering how to setup and use the Rippling integration.

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​Overview: The integration with Rippling is done through an export/import process. When it's time to process payroll, you will export the Rippling-specific file and upload it into their system.


Enable the Rippling Integration

1. To enable the Rippling integration, start by going to Settings --> Integrations:

2. Click the Rippling Settings button:

3. Check the box next to Enable Integration with Rippling. Then select your Rippling Codes, either:

  • Holiday Hours

  • PTO Hours

These are currently the only mappable categories that Rippling accepts.

And click Save once done:

Note: The additional mapping types on the left are controlled by your Time Off Types, which can be found by going to Settings --> Time Off in Buddy Punch.

Enter Employee IDs

Any worker you want to show up on the Rippling export needs to have an Employee ID.

More details on where to find/enter the Employee ID can be found here:

Export the Rippling File

1. To export the Rippling file, go to Reports --> Payroll Export:

2. Choose your pay period and any filters, and click Run Report. You'll then want to click the Export dropdown followed by Rippling Format:

You can now import your data into Rippling. We recommend contacting your Rippling representative if you have questions about this step.

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