Overview: Managers with Approval permissions can add, edit, or delete punches as needed from our website.


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Add a Punch

1. Start by clicking Timecards in the top navigation followed by View All:

2. Choose the pay period from the dropdown and then click View next to an employees name to access their timecard:

3. Click the Add New dropdown followed by Punch:

4. You can then specify the Punch In Time, Punch Out Time (if an employee has just punched in for the day you can leave the punch out time blank), select shift details and location, department, or position codes if applicable. Save once done.

5. You'll then be taken back to the employee's time card where you can view newly add punch information:

Edit a Punch

1. Start by visiting the in questions' and select Edit next to the punch you want to edit:

2. You'll then be able to select a new punch time and edit any shift or location, department, position codes if applicable. Save once done.

You'll then be taken back to the employee's time card where you can view changes made

Delete a Punch

When viewing a time card, click the trash can button to the far right to delete the punch in question. There is a scroll bar at the bottom of the time card that may need to be used to scroll right.

You will be notified that once the punch is deleted it can't be restored. Click Delete to confirm the deletion:

If ever you need to review punch information that's been deleted, you can use our Deleted Time Report which can be found under Reports in the top navigation. The report will let you know who deleted what and when:



Q: I'm a Manager but I'm not seeing edit or delete options. How do I fix this?

A: If you're a Manager, don't have the ability to add, edit or delete punches then this ability hasn't been enabled by your Administrator. Please reach out to them if you believe this is incorrect.

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