If you need to review if time entries or punches were deleted, you can use the Deleted Time Report.

  1. You will want to start by clicking Reports in the top navigation followed by Deleted Time Report as shown below: 

2. Once on the Deleted Time Report page you will be able to select specific or all employees and select the date range. Click Submit when done.

3. Populated results will show you the following:

  • Time when the time entry or punch was deleted

  • Author Username (Author refers to the person who deleted the punch)

  • Author First and Last Name

  • Author IP Address

  • Punched Username (Punched refers to the employee who made the punch)

  • Punched First and Last Name

  • Details - The details will include the shift ID, the date of the time entry or punch, and the Location/Department/Position (If applicable). 

If it's a time entry that was deleted, details will simply show the duration of the time entry. If it was a punch that was deleted you will be able to view the punch in and out time as well as the duration.

Export To Options:

  • CSV

  • Excel

  • PDF

  • Print

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