Overview: The Hours Report by Time Off report allows you to break down the total amount of paid or unpaid time off used over a specific timeframe.

Export options include:

  • CSV

  • Excel

  • PDF

  • Print

Additional Resources:

Run the Hours Report by Time Off Report

1. Start by clicking Reports in the top navigation followed by Hours Report By --> Time Off:

2. From there you can:

  • Select Employees

  • Choose Time Off Types

  • Specify the Start/End Date

And Submit once done:

3. You can then export via CSV, Excel, PDF, or Print the report. For a more detailed view of a certain time off type or employee, click the blue highlighted text:


Q: Why don't I see estimated pay on the report?

A: If you don't see estimated pay on the report, then you don't have pay rates set up. Please reference the following article on how to set up pay rates: Employee Pay Rate Overview

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