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PTO Summary Report

Get a summary of all PTO from all employees. You can also view individual PTO summaries by clicking on employee names.

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Overview: The PTO Summary report will provide detailed time off information including time off used, available time off, time off accrued, carry over balances, and more.

Export options include:

  • CSV

  • Excel

  • PDF

  • Print

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Run The PTO Summary Report

1. Start by clicking Reports in the top navigation followed by PTO Summary:

2. You can filter by an employee and the type of paid time off and choose the dates you want to run the report on. Click Submit once done:

3. Once the data has populated, you can export via CSV, Excel, or PDF. You can also print the report.

If you want to view a detailed summary for a specific employee, click their blue highlighted name:


Q: Can I remove certain columns from the PTO Summary Report?

A: No, we don't currently have an option to remove specific columns, but they can be removed after being exported to Excel or CSV.

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