Hours Summary Report

This report will provide total hours per employee over date range.

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Overview: The Hours Summary report allows you to get the total number of regular, overtime, or double-time hours worked over a specific time frame.

No detailed punch information is shown on this report, just the number of hours worked over the specified timeframe.

Export options include:

  • CSV

  • Excel

  • PDF

  • Print

Additional Resources:

Run the Hours Summary Report

1. Start by clicking Reports in the top navigation followed by Hours Summary:

2. From there you can:

  • Select Employees

  • Choose Location, Department, or Position Codes

  • Specify the Start/End Date

And Submit once done:

3. If you click the header, for example, "First Name", you can change the sorting of the report. You can then export via CSV, Excel, PDF, or Print the report:


Q: Why don't I see estimated pay on the report?

A: If you don't see estimated pay on the report, then you don't have pay rates set up. Please reference the following article on how to set up pay rates: Employee Pay Rate Overview

Q: Why do I see blanks/only Pending Approval in the Status column?

A: As the Hours Summary report is a summarization, we opt to only display the pending approval status for all entries over the specified timeframe. This is why you only see Pending Approvals in the Status column.

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