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How to Add, Edit, or Delete Time Off—Manager (Web/App)
How to Add, Edit, or Delete Time Off—Manager (Web/App)

Instructions on how to add time off, edit time off or delete time off as a manager from our website and mobile app.

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Overview: Managers with approval permissions can add, edit or delete time off from our website and mobile app.


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Manage Time Off (Web)

You can add time off in one of two ways. The first is through the Time Off Calendar, which can be found under Timecards in the top navigation.

You can enter time off for past, current, or future pay periods here:

On the Time Off Calendar page, you can add new time off by clicking an open space on the calendar or by choosing the +Add Time Off button.

You can edit existing time off by clicking it on the schedule page, making any necessary changes, and saving once done.

Important: You can't edit the date of existing time off. It would have to be deleted and re-entered with the correct date.

You can add Time Off in bulk when added from the calendar; simply choose the proper employees from the dropdown. To add more than one day of time off, choose the +Add New button to populate another row.

To add time off over multiple consecutive days, click the Switch to date ranges button.

You can manage multiple time off requests at once by switching to the List view:

You can also add time off directly through an employee's time card by choosing the Add New dropdown followed by Time Off.

You can Edit and Delete time off directly through the time card as well.

Manage Time Off (App)

To add, edit or delete time off visit the Time Off page in-app and then click the arrow next to an employee's name. You can then click the plus (+) button in the top right-hand corner to Add Time Off.

To add more than one time off day, click +Add or Switch to date ranges to add multiple consecutive days. To review time off to either approve/deny, edit or delete it, click the arrow next to it on the time off page:


Q: I can see work hours, time off, and scheduling information for those I'm assigned, but can't do anything like add or edit. What should I do?

A: If you can see work hours, time off, or scheduling information but can't take action, then you've only been given View permissions. If you believe this is an error, please contact your account Administrator.

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