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How to Pay Out Bonuses, Time Off, or Other Benefits
How to Pay Out Bonuses, Time Off, or Other Benefits
Instructions on how to pay out bonuses or retirement plan contributions for the year-end payroll review.
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Overview: If you need to pay out bonuses or time off, or any other benefits, this can be done as you're going through the payroll process. Information on how to run payroll can be found here.

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As you're running payroll, whether scheduled or off-cycle, you can Add additional earnings such as:

  • Bonuses

  • Severance

  • Tips

  • Commissions

  • and more:

2. You can choose the proper category and amount to pay your worker. Save changes when done:

3. You'll now see the amount you entered under the Additional Earnings column. If everything looks good, continue with the payroll process:


Q: Why don't I see the option for Additional Earnings or Reimbursements?

A: If you don't see Additional Earnings or Reimbursements, you will need to expand the section by clicking the expand icon on the right side of the page (two arrows pointing in opposite directions).

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