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Missouri—Company Registration
Missouri—Company Registration
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Overview: If you're a new company or have an employee working out of Missouri and need to register for unemployment tax, that can be done through the Missouri Department of Revenue website.

State Withholding and Unemployment

Tax Agency:

Missouri Department of Revenue

Register for State Withholding and Unemployment

  1. Click Start Registration Here

  2. Agree to terms and conditions

  3. Complete application

Update your Buddy Punch Payroll account with your Withholding State ID and your Unemployment Employer Account Number. Your account numbers are required for all Missouri interactions to ensure your accounts are accurate

State Withholding Income Tax

Tax Agency:

Missouri Department of Revenue

Steps to Create a Username and Password:

  1. Select Create An Account

  2. Select Administrator for my individual or business account

  3. Agree to terms

  4. Create User Profile

  5. Select yes to acknowledge you are authorized to register

  6. Confirmation will populate and you will receive a confirmation email on how to log on and access your account

  7. The email will include a temporary password and prompted to change password on your initial log in

  8. Add security questions and answers

  9. You will receive an email once password is successfully changed

  10. Go back to MyTax Missouri to assign your business account to your online account with user ID and permanent password

  11. Select “manage accounts”

  12. Select “I would like to give access to MyTax Account, using information from my business tax account”

  13. Enter business account information

  14. Select yes to acknowledge you are authorized to make changes

State Unemployment Income Tax (UI)

Tax Agency:

Missouri Department of Labor & Industrial Relations

Steps to Create a Username and Password:

  1. Go to UINTERACT

  2. New Account Registration

  3. I am an employer and have a DES Employer Account Number

  4. Complete employer signup

Local Income Tax

Tax Agency:

City of Kansas City, Missouri

Registration Steps:

  1. Under "Businesses and individuals", click "Register Here".

  2. Input your ID information.

  3. Confirm your intention to sign up for quick tax and register new accounts.

  4. For the question "Who are you signing up", select “my business” and complete the subsequent steps.

Provide Buddy Punch with Kansas City Letter ID:

In order for Buddy Punch to file and pay your City of Kansas City Earnings Tax on your behalf, you will need to provide Buddy Punch with your Letter ID. You can find it on the top-right corner of letters that you have received from the City of Kansas City, Finance Department within the last year.

  • Sign into Quick Tax website

  • You can find it by clicking the "Letter" tab.

If you have any questions regarding this process, please contact the City of Kansas City, MO quick tax system at 816-513-1120 or email [email protected]

For additional assistance, Quick Tax Tutorials are available

Local Earning Tax

Tax Agency:

City of St. Louis, Missouri


All businesses in the City of St. Louis, barring those exempted by law, must pay the Earnings Tax. Non-resident businesses performing work or services in the City of St. Louis are also required to pay this tax. All City of St. Louis residents must pay the Earnings Tax, irrespective of their work location. Non-residents must pay the Earnings Tax for work or services rendered within the City of St. Louis.

There's no legal obligation to withhold tax for City of St. Louis residents if no business activity occurs within the city. However, if businesses opt not to withhold, they must report all city residents to the city office. Such businesses will be set up as agencies solely for reporting purposes.

Registration Steps:

  1. Fax the form to St. Louis Collector of Revenue at (314) 622-4847 or email it to: [email protected].

For additional assistance or queries, contact the City St. Louis office at (314) 622-4805. More information and FAQs are available on their official website.

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