There are 3 levels of users in Buddy Punch: Employees, Managers, and Administrators. An administrator is the account that is responsible for original setup and the account that handles billing. The administrator account cannot punch in or out.

Alternatively a manager account is a mixture of an employee and an administrator account. The manager account has the option to punch in and punch out, but can also be assigned employees to manage. After you assign employees to a manager account the manager will see their time detail in their account. You can give a manager account either a "View" access or an "Approval" access to an employee. View just means they can see their time, but not change it or act on a pending approval. An "Approval" access allows the manager to act on pending approvals or make corrections to the employee's time.

What can Managers do?

Employees are assigned to a manager by the administrator. The manager can be set to have "view" access or "approval" access on a per employee basis. "View" allows them to view their time and run reports on it. "Approval" allows them to act on pending requests, change time, and run reports on time. Manager's can also create and edit a shift for their employees if using Scheduling.

Here is how to setup an employee as a manager and then assign employees to them.

  1. When you are signed into your administrator account go to Employees --> View next to the name of the employee you would like to be a manager.
  2. Once there you will see an "Edit" option on the employee's profile - click it and navigate to the bottom of the page.
  3. You will then see a check box that says "Manager." Check it and save - that employee is now a manager.

Here is how to assign employees to that manager.

  1. Go back to the manager's profile (Employees --> View next to the manager's name). You will see areas for that employee.
  2. Once in their profile navigate to the option that says "Employees assigned to ***Employee's Name***"
  3. Select the None, View, or Approval next to each employee's name based on who you would like that manager to oversee.

Once the manager signs into their account, they will get a dashboard similar to yours, with the option to punch in and out and only see the employees that you specified. The manager does not have access to settings - so they cannot alter settings within your account or make any billing changes. Here is a screen shot of a manager's dashboard:

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