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How do I change a user's, employees, or manager's username?
How do I change a user's, employees, or manager's username?

Admins set the username for users. You can change this after you setup a user by visiting their profile.

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Overview: If you need to update an employee or manager's username, this can be done from within their profile.

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Changing a Username

1. Start by clicking Employees in the top navigation:

2. Then click View next to the name of the individual whose username you need to update:

3. Once in the employee's profile, select the Change link next to the username option:

4. Update the individual's username and Save once done.

Please Note: Usernames are unique across all users of Buddy Punch, similar to that of a Yahoo or Gmail address. If you receive an error that it is already taken, that means another business using Buddy Punch is using that username.


Q: Why does it say the username I'm entering it already in use?

A: Usernames are shared across Buddy Punch, so it's likely the username you're entering is already in use by another Buddy Punch customer.

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